Monday, June 6, 2019     17:19
BestLauncher for Windows

This is a free application launcher, or dock, for Windows.

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Size, position and number of icons

DeskScapes capabilities give you the option to have different wallpaper on each of your monitors or stretch video and static wallpapers over multiple monitors.

Special effects

Personalize your docks with unique animated effects that occur when you mouse-over docked items.

Personalize your dock with downloadable skins

Choose from the many dock skins included with ObjectDock or discover a new favorite for free at our community


Support for plugins Support for multiple skins (two included) Resizable dock, which allows displaying the icons both horizontally or vertically. Three sizes of icons: Small, large and extra-large Support for custom icons 'Wizard' to automatically imports shortcuts from various locations Organize the icons by drag & dropping them 'Multi-launch' functionality Regroup multiple shortcuts within one menu Hot key to hide / show the dock Special items to provide extra functionalities: hide / show the desktop, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc. Support for multiple languages Minimize to tray icon functionality

Drag and drop application launching

Drag a text file, for example, to your docked word processing application to quickly open the file right from your dock.